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Area Meetings:

Area 1

    April 7, 2018

    Mineral Wells, TX

Area 2

    May 5, 2018

Longview. TX

Area 3

     April 21, 2018

     Brownsville, TX


2018 Convention:

Yokohama, Japan

June 6-July 3, 2018



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District 10 Newsletter

Volume 8, Issue 9, November 2017


A heart-felt thank you to all who attended the 69th District Conference last month in Oklahoma City.  More thanks to Zonta Club of Central Oklahoma for their gracious hospitality and perfect logistics at every point of the event.   From lip synch to closing banquet this was a heroic effort and the board and guest were enchanted !  Our special guest, International Representative Lydia Chaillou was delightful.  We were pleased to have her join our board and business meetings.  Ms. Chaillou installed our new district officers.  She was a good sport too .... her painting from the Friday event sold to benefit the ZI auction! 


Some of the highlights of this conference were seeing again our fine district traditions such as club roll calls for pledges and elections for the 2018-20 biennium.    These traditions included the flag presentation by the Zonta Club of West Hidalgo County and other Zontians as flag carriers.  We had wonderful speakers at keynote and both luncheons.  We should be proud as Zonta members that our mission and vision were celebrated at every turn of the four business  sessions.


Another highlight of the conference was the fine membership presentation and workshop by Lt. Governor Sheryl Flanagin.  Not only did she highlight some of our district best practices with 3 club representatives but also gave a wonderful summary of the tools available from ZI.  This tool box can be found by searching the Global Membership Drive.


A big thanks to International President Sonja  Honig Schough for outlining some constants for each district conference worldwide.  Each conference was asked to view her video message, a membership message,  a Centennial Endowment message and an invite to convention in Yokohama Japan.  Conference attendees enjoyed these professional videos and are encouraged to show them at their club meetings as well.  Conference materials will be posted on the district web site.  All that attended the conference need to tell others in their club the new ideas and thought.  Let's use this as an opportunity to revive us in service and advocacy!




Barbara Yoder.....always reppin' Zonta!







Membership - Lt. Gov. Sheryl Flanagin

Image removed by sender.

Celebrating at D10 Conference


What a wonderful 69th Zonta D10 Conference!  As always, we enjoyed reconnecting with our Zonta friends, taking care of Zonta D10 business, spending time with our International Representative Lydia Chaillou, hearing engaging speakers, and, of course, having fun.  Many thanks to Zonta Club of Central Oklahoma for hosting a memorable conference.


Of course, one my most favorite parts was recognizing membership achievements by members and clubs.  I am happy to share these acknowledgements again with you.


Eleven of our clubs retained 90% of their members from May 31, 2016 to June 1, 2017.  They are Austin, Brownsville, Dallas, E-Club USA2, Fort Smith, Fredericksburg, Greater East Texas, Houston, Johnson County, Lafayette, and Seguin.


The following are individual members who brought in at least two new members this past year who also rejoined for this year:

  • Angie Weaver, Central Oklahoma
  • Tracy McGuire, Central Oklahoma
  • Bonnie Baseke, Fredericksburg
  • Karleen Carlisle, Fredericksburg,
  • Barbara MacManus, Fredericksburg, with my apologies for omitting during my presentation
  • Frankie Honenberger, Fredericksburg
  • Karen Lestelle, Lafayette

 Four clubs achieved at least a 5% increase in membership this past year:  Greater East Texas, Fredericksburg, Central Oklahoma, and Longview.


Membership Awards for Divisions:


Division I:   

First place, Greater East Texas

Second place, Lafayette

Third place, Brownsville

Division II:   

First place, Fredericksburg

Second place, Parker County

Third place, Seguin

Division III:  

First place, Central Oklahoma

Second place, Longview


Bell Award:  Zonta Club of Greater East Texas

Banner Award:  Zonta Club of Fredericksburg


What great achievements by these clubs and members in their efforts to increase our membership! Because as President Sonja says, "The more we are, the more we can do...."


My many thanks to you all.  And, I look forward to seeing you at area meetings!

Area 1 - Barby Crabtree


It was wonderful catching up with so many of you at our recent District 10 Conference! Central Oklahoma did and awesome job hosting the 69th District 10 meeting! Special shout out to co-chairs Sharon Hebert and Tiffany Smith. (We missed you Sharon).


There were lots of first timers attending conference from Area 1.One of them was aColonel (Ret)

Image removed by sender.

Stephanie Wilson, new member of Zonta Club of Central Oklahoma AND the Status of Women luncheon speaker! Stephanie's talk was inspiring, thoughtful, funny and warm, as she told us about her experiences and opportunities in the Air Force.


We got to watch the sun rise over downtown OKC during the Presidents' Breakfast on Saturday morning. Breakfast provided a comfortable forum for sharing ideas on membership, advocacy, service and fundraising.


Finally, I very proud to share with those of you not at the meeting, that two members will be serving the district in the next biennium:

Connie Davis, president Zonta Central Oklahoma, will be your new Area 1 Director beginning July 1, 2018! She will be an asset to each of you!


Judy Hansen, Zonta Club of Ft Smith as incoming District Secretary


Area 1 Meeting will be in Mineral Wells, April 7th.

Area 2 - Carole Moffatt

Image removed by sender.

Area 2 had a good turnout at the wonderful District 10 Conference in Oklahoma. During the Conference, your incoming 2018-2020 Area 2 Director, Lisa LeBlanc from Lafayette, was elected. Yeah Lisa! New member and First Timer Kristin Koblis from Houston had the honor of announcing the flags during the Parade of Flags. The Greater East Texas club hosted the inspiring Amelia Earhart luncheon with welcoming remarks by President-Elect Kim Hawes, who also shared the great success

they've been having with member recruitment during the Membership workshop. We missed folks from Shreveport and Longview this time, but we shared the very important work they are doing in their communities. We're excited that Longview is hosting the next Area 2 Meeting on May 5, 2018. See y'all there!

Area 3 - Deitrah Davis

Image removed by sender. Deitrah Davis

What a wonderful conference! OKC put on a great Thursday evening welcome party and showcased all their new young talented members. Of course, their more seasoned members joined in the fun. It was a tremendous kickoff to a weekend filled with lots of fun and information to take home and share with our members. Thank you OKC for all your hard work!


Area 3 was well represented. It was great to see all of you! Congratulations to Brownsville on winning the "traveling hat" award. It's a long way from Brownsville to OKC and they drove! Fredericksburg walked away with numerous awards. During the membership workshop, Fredericksburg President Frankie Hohenburger gave a presentation about what makes them so successful in recruiting members. The President's breakfast on Saturday morning gave club leaders the opportunity to visit and share information. Thank you for the early morning participation!


In closing, I would like to thank the board and the membership for allowing me to once again serve as your Area 3 Director for the 2018-2020 biennium. It is an honor and privilege to be of service to Zonta. Therefore, I urge each of you to consider the possibility of serving as a leader in our area.


Area 3 meeting will be April 21, 2018 in Brownsville. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!!!


Foundation - Kim Vann


Thank you to the members of the Zonta Club of Central Oklahoma for hosting the 69th District 10 Conference! Your hard work and great hospitality helped everyone attending "Catch the Zonta Vibe!"


Giving was over the top this year in regards to the Zonta International Foundation. 47

Image removed by sender.

Zontians gave individually for a total of $20,025and 17 clubs presented pledges totally over $69,000. We raised almost $90,000 over the course of the weekend - Congrats to us all!


Remember this month is the Every Member in November campaign. Zonta International is encouraging its members to make a donation to the International Service Projects during the month of November.



Thank you all for your generosity and giving spirit. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to seeing you all in the spring at the area meetings.

Kim Vann

District 10 Foundation Ambassador

Our Next Board - Election Results


Governor - Sheryl Flanigin, Zonta Club of Fort Smith

Lt Governor - Carole Moffatt, Zonta Club of Houston

Treasurer - Barby Crabtree, Zonta Club of Dallas

Secretary -Judie Hansen, Zonta Club of Fort Smith

Area 1 Director - Connie Davis, Zonta Club of Central Oklahoma

Area 2 Director - Lisa LeBlanc, Zonta Club of Lafayette

Area 3 Director - Deitrah Davis, Zonta Club of Brownsville

Nominating Committee:

Barbara Yoder - Zonta Club of Johnson County

Tiffany Smith - Zonta Club of Cental Oklahoma

Karen McNallen - Zonta Club of West Hidalgo County


Zonta International Director,Lydia Chaillou, conducted the installation ceremony.




16 Days of Activism

On November 25th, the annual 16 Days of Activism campaign begins.Let's join together with our Zonta sisters internatiionally to stand up and raise awareness in our communities. Be a voice for those who do not have one.

Zonta International Campaign

Thank You Members and Donors


Memories from the 2017 District 10 Conference - Oklahoma City, OK (Video)

We a great conference we had recently, and it was all thanks to you. I hope you had a good time and enjoyed the training, food, and conversation. We not only learned about the work of the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign, but we received donations from individuals, clubs and districts! So thank you again, we hope to hear from you all in the future.

Your generous donation has led to:

  1. Demonstrating our care for others now and in the future.
  2. Leaving a charitable legacy and fulfilling our philanthropic goals
  3. Ensuring a better futures for women and girls

I have attached more information that you might want to review as well as pledge and donation forms. Of course, I am always available to you to answer questions and discuss giving options. Your North American Representatives can also assist you:

Sally Rankin

Candi Ward

Mary Frances Gardner

Danita Utsman

Janis Wood



It is a pleasure serving you and partnering with you to grow our endowment during this biennium!


In service to Zonta,

Sharron Miles



Notes from my desk

Congratulations to the newly elected board.

May the holiday season be happy and joyous for all.

In planning for the next year, be sure to add the important Zonta dates to your calendar for 2018.